How did they get so smart:

It is just my opinion but don’t you think the big boys with all the glamorous and sparkling websites would benefit more if they gave more thought to the people they are trying to reach? I mean, they are trying to reach the people who are hungry enough to purchase their product or program. (actually they are looking for someone who is gullible and will just buy)

Their ads say, “Make money today” or “You too, can drive a BMW.”. Sometimes they say “Sign up now and you can be RICH by morning”. Well, maybe not quite that bold but you get the point. They are all driving for your initial sign up fee.

They want your participation in their money making program. Either by paying a fee or purchasing a product. The tell you they can teach you how to do it. They will tell you exactly how they did it or a friend did it.

You often see a picture of some guy you don’t know and have never heard of standing there with a stupid grin on his face saying “Duh, I dun it Maw, look at me now.”

They say they need you. They need you in order for them to make more money and the result is that you will also make money. They say they don’t make any money until you make money. 

This is one of the parts I don’t understand. They don’t make money until you make money. But before they tell you what you need to know you are to send money. As I see it, they just made money and you didn’t, you just lost money.

How does this and “we don’t make money until you make money” correlate. How does it fit together? If enough people send money to sign up they make a lot of money and you are still wondering what just happened.

Most of the prospects are smart enough to understand this and simply click on to the next site. I know I do. I’m not going to send anyone my money just because he says he has a secret. I want some form of proof it will work for me. And I don’t want some phony picture of someone’s bank book or some grinning redneck from who knows where.

Don’t you think it would be a better idea for the “Guru’s” to give you enough information and knowledge to generate the first hundred buck or so first? Something that will show you that he might know what he is talking about.

The Guru thinks he has to grab the brass ring on the first try. There are enough hungry people searching who are very willing to help anyone make more money if it is done right. 

If the Guru would help you first would you not be ready to go for the gusto? If you made some kind of money before you give away money would you not be more interested in making more?

So what I’m saying is, Mr. Guru, If you want my my participation then show me the way to get there on your dime. If the Guru happens to read this, which will never happen, GIVE THE PEOPLE  THE OPPORTUNITY THEN GO FOR THE GOLD.

Give them a fighting start first.

That is just my opinion. If yours is different, let me know. We can talk about it. 

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