Another Facebook scare:

A lot of people have been posting and reposting on Facebook a thing about hackers sending sexual videos in your name on the walls and profiles of your friends without you knowing about it. The message also says that you cannot see the video but those it was sent to can view it. It says that it is supposedly from you. I am including a screenshot of the item in question.

There is also a second version of the same threatening post. See it below.

Attention: The hackers already entered in Facebook & they are putting pornographic videos to your name in the walls or profiles of your friends without you knowing it. You don’t see it but other people can see it, as if these were publications that you made! So if you receive something from me, it’s not mine! Copy this in your wall. It is for the security of YOUR OWN IMAGE!

 These warnings are not real. They are just a hoax that started in September of 2011. As of this date there has been no reports of any hackers having inserted any “invisible” porn videos into any facebook account. There are sometimes pictures that appear to be linked to pornographic videos that show up in a compromised account but they are visible to anyone, they are not hidden from you. So you should not fear the impact of this message.

 There was a completely separate incident which is completely unrelated to this warning that began in mid November of 2011 that a bunch of pornographic pictures and images did show up across the social network. This outbreak was triggered by a spam message that tricked users into a scheme that had them copy and paste a JavaScript into their browsers address bar which exploited a bug that hijacked Facebook accounts to distribute images and spread them to others.

 All of the messages above are simply a hoax and not to be feared.

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